Hillsborough County Nursing Home offers rehabilitation services 6 days a week. Our team consists of Occupational, Physical, Speech, Recreation and Restorative Therapies.

Our programs are unique in a variety of ways.  We are able to provide individualized therapy sessions in a one to one environment that specifically meets each of our patient's needs. At HCNH we continue to believe that the "team" approach works best for our patients. This is why our therapists continue to be part of our patient/family care conferences, in addition to other patient related quality assurance programs.

Our Occupational Therapists focus on activities of daily living in an effort to regain prior levels of independence.
The Physical Therapy staff work hard utilizing various modalities and treatment approaches to obtain the highest levels of mobility.
The Speech/Language pathologists work as part of our rehabilitation team in the areas of swallowing, communications and cognition.
Our Certified Recreation Therapists provide psycho-social and physical interventions to promote ongoing leisure satisfaction.

The department also provides restorative therapy services that complete maintenance rehabilitation and nursing programs to prevent decline in function.