Health Services

: Health Services Administrator

Sick call is conducted daily on each housing unit. Inmates requesting to see the health service staff need to obtain and fill out a Health Services Request Form. The forms are available on each housing unit and are obtained from the housing unit officer. The form is available to all inmates on all housing units. This form should be requested and completed prior to a nurse coming into the unit and should only be handed to a nurse. The health services staff will only accept request slips during the first medication pass.

A health services nurse will visit each housing unit daily, and screen all requests. If there is an emergency, inmates are to inform the housing unit officer immediately. The housing unit officer will then contact the health services staff.

The correctional facility's Physician prescribes all medications provided to inmates.
Outside Physicians cannot prescribe medications for incarcerated inmates.
Scheduled medication passes are made four (4) times per day.
It is the inmates’ responsibility to sign up to see the nurse for their medication.
Inmates are to see the unit officer for sign up instructions.
To receive medication, they must sign the med list, line up when the nurse enters the housing unit, and when received, consume the medication in the presence of the nurse.
All inmates are subject to routine mouth checks to ensure that medications have been swallowed. Refusal to follow this procedure could result in disciplinary action.
Hoarding medication can also result in disciplinary action.
In an effort to conduct effective and thorough assessments, inmates are to remain quiet during medication deliveries.

Dental service is available to all inmates. The dentist provides emergency care, extractions and temporary fillings, as needed. The dentist does not provide cleanings. If inmates have dental problems and want to see the dentist, they must submit a Health Services Request Form.

Mental health services are available to individuals for crisis intervention and acute mental health concerns. If an inmate wishes to speak with a member of the mental health staff, they are to sign a Health Services Request Form asking to speak with a mental health staff member. If the need is emergent, inmates are to inform the housing unit officer who will then notify a member of the Health Services staff and/or mental health staff.